sexta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2011

EFRIPEL- Entreposto Frigorífico de Pescas de Moçambique

EFRIPEL- Entreposto Frigorífico de Pescas de Moçambique
Av. Marginal, Prédio Emose 1º andar
C.P. 288 - Quelimane
Tel.: 24-21 42 71
Fax: 24-21 21 63
Tel: 21-41 55 57/414620/416115
Fax: 21-41 56 31
Contacts/ Contacto: Paulo do Cramo Monteiro
Products / Produtos: Prawn/Camarão.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are Indian couple ,Qualified with extensive experience in Fish /Seafood Processing ,Factory Project, Inventory Management , Marketing , sales and Exports Operations.

    We are writing to ask if you are interested in hiring someone with our expertise and background.
    I have 16 years of Extensive experience in Seafood Processing Industries in India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tanzania East Africa, and Republic of Yemen, in International Business, Production, Quality Control, exports and marketing Operations.

    Expertise in full range of sea food products (chilled & frozen), namely shrimps, lobsters, cuttle fish, squids, fresh and marine water fin fishes etc.

    Good exposure to Marketing and Logistics Operations Management for supplying marine products (both, fresh and frozen form) to many clients in Retail, institutional marketing and catering companies.

    Hands-on experience of working in ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP, EU standards environment, with thorough knowledge of their regulations and documentations.

    A resourceful person with hands-on experience of recruiting and training a successful team.

    A dynamic and amiable team leader, with flexible approach for change in situations and driven towards results, with experience working with multicultural and cross functional teams.

    Excellent communication and Interpersonal skill. Proficient in computer for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    I have Excellent organization and follow-up skills.

    I am a graduate in Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc.) From GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology India. And I have studied Operations management and International Business Management through self study programs.

    My wife Lynn is a graduate in microbiology and has 15 years of extensive experience in seafood Quality control, QC Lab, inspections and audits.

    Herewith attached please find our CVs for your perusal.
    If given an opportunity, we will prove ourselves useful asset to your organization.

    Thank you for your consideration and time.


  2. Bom dia. Será possível fazer uma actualização dos contactos e dos números? O blog é bom mas necessita de actualizações. Sei com conhecimento de causa, que o Sr. Monteiro já não trabalha na Efripel desde 2004.

  3. Dear Sirs,

    Good Day.

    On this occasion , please allow us to introduce our company , MOLAJAYA FISHINGWORK .

    The cottage is addressed at JL.Karang Satria Raya 33A BEKASI UTARA – INDONESIA 17756 , which has long been engaged in the distribution of Indonesian seafarers to work on a fishing boat company and we are ready to cooperate with an international company that is the largest .

    MOLAJAYA FISHINGWORK is a company Crewing and Manning Agency based in Indonesia . We serve the needs of companies of foreign fishing vessels that need workers potentially Indonesian seamen and able to speak English well . We distribute Indonesian sailors on foreign fishing vessels operating in the region often Mauritius ,Las palmas , Uruguay , Trinidad , South Africa , Fiji , Namibia , Reunion , Durban , Falkland Islands ,Petterhead , Scotland , Ireland and etc. .

    MOLAJAYA FISHINGWORK providing Indonesian seafarer employment as required by the foreign ship companies .

    We guarantee our Indonesian sailors potential , able to speak English well and have a sense of family .

    With this we hope to establish cooperation with your company .

    We offer cooperation that Indonesian sailors we follow strict procedures of selection with a high standard of competence , experience , quality , good knowledge of the English language , honesty , has a spirit & motivation, workplace safety , and loyalty .

    Our Sailors are ready to work in a foreign fishing vessel manifold Purse Seiner , Scallop Trawler , Crabber , Fish Trawler , Prawn Trawler , Long liner , Squid jigger , Fishing gear , and etc .
    In this case we want to distribute Indonesian sailors were professional and well experienced to join your fishing boat and we expect to cooperate with you for mutual cooperation without damaging each other .

    We sincerely hope to join the company of foreign fishing vessels that lead.

    We expect to ship owners / managers and ensure that we meet their needs and principles of management , and if there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us .

    Thank you for your attention and cooperation. Your prompt response would be highly appreciated.

    Best Regards,


    Crew Manager

    Office Phone No. (62-21) 91911146

    Office Fax No. (62-21) 91791222



  4. Carta de Apresentação
    A BMK Procurement Services, è uma Empresa por cotas de direito Moçambicano, situada na Av. Maguiguana Nº 412 - Maputo, com autorização de exercer sua actividade comercial e especializada na venda dos seguintes materiais:
     Todo o tipo de máquinas e ferramentas manuais;
     Varões, barras, cantoneiras, tubos, perfis e chapas em ferro, aço inoxidável, alumínio, zincos para cobertura ondulada, IBR e pintadas;
     Parafusos, porcas, anilha, varões roscados em ferro, aço galvanizado e aço inoxidável;
     Rolamentos, chumaceiras, kits de reparação de rodas;
     Cordas, cabos, correntes, correias de transmissão, acessórios e máquinas afins;
     Bombas, geradores, compressores, eletro-soldadores, moto-soldadores e outras máquinas utilizadas na indústria ligeira e pesada;
     Todo o tipo de válvulas, tubos e acessórios para líquidos e gases.
    Pedimos a V.Excias, para que nos incluam nas vossas consultas, na certeza de que ficarão satisfeitos, com a prontidão e serviços por nós prestados.
    cell 843443333 - 84 2980962. Email:

  5. Chamo-me Goi Luis Francisco, estudante finalista do curso de Economia Agraria na UEM (pela Escola superior de Desenvolvimento Rural, localizada em Vilankulo). Venho por este meio solicitar à CDM,a disponibilidade de uma vaga para Estágio. Contacto:

  6. Chamo-me Goi Luis Francisco, estudante finalista do curso de Economia Agraria na UEM (pela Escola superior de Desenvolvimento Rural, localizada em Vilankulo). Venho por este meio solicitar à CDM,a disponibilidade de uma vaga para Estágio. Contacto:

  7. Mark Leonor B. Llamera
    Permanent address: Sogod Southern Leyte Philippines 6606
    Cellphone: +258842259981
    Present location: Cidade de Nampula, Mozambique

    Position as Sr. Machine Maintenance Technician, Development and application of Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Computer and System Control Engineering.

    Maintenance Manager
    Zion Printing Press Serigraphy and Typography
    Nampula, Mozambique Africa
    February 2016 to February 2017

    Sr. Machine Maintenance Technician as Supervisor
    GS Holding Nacala, Mozambique Africa
    September 2015 to December 2016

    Sr. Machine Maintenance Technician as Team Leader
    Almarai Company Saudi Arabia
    May 2013 to April 2015

    Machine Builder Technician
    Walta Group’s Malaysia
    March 2011 to March 2013

    Service Technician as Vendor Walta Group's
    Western Digital Corporation Malaysia
    March 2011 to March 2013

    Computer System Technician
    American video internet café Philippines
    August 2008 to April 2010

    Trainings and Seminars

    - Keyence Sensors and camera
    - Sick Sensors and camera
    - Cognex camera
    - Inductive proximity sensor
    - Allen Bradley amplifier and servo motor
    - Adept Technology
    - PLC Allen Bradley
    - PLC Omron
    - PLC Siemens
    - PILZ Safety Relay PNOZ
    - VLT Automation Drive Inverter (DANFOSS)
    - Commander SK Inverter Drive (Emerson Industrial Automation)
    - 3 phase induction motor
    - Single Phase induction motor


    Electrical, Air-conditioning and Refrigerator Technician, HVAC Technician, Welder, Troubleshooting, Production Maintenance Technician, Machine Builder Technician, Electro-Mechanical Technician, CCTV Technician, Team Management and Leadership.